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Welcome to Alquila Costa for holiday homes and villas with private pool on the Costa Blanca and Mallorca.

Why the booking system for holiday homes?

Why the booking system for holiday homes?

In order to successfully let a holiday home through the internet there are a number of things you cannot do without:

  • Exposure on the internet, so that the accommodation will be found
  • Functionality of the web where the accommodation is offered
  • An online booking system with an availability calender, automatic online searching and booking of lessees/tenants

I-Rent offers the solution of a complete rental platform with all its features, for the individual as well as for the rental companies and tour operators

What is I-Rent? is an online database service for owners/lessors of holiday homes / houses / luxury villas/apartments/etc. It enables them to improve their rental effort real time. We are talking about individual holiday accommodations and their marketing worldwide against relatively low costs. I-Rent is a web-based platform for the administration and rentals of individual, among themselves unique (so non or hardly exchangeable) holiday accommodations. Other than with hotel rooms which among themselves hardly differ from each other and do not all have different owners, the accommodations in I-Rent benefit from a full description with all the information one needs to be for online rental. For the consumer (lessee) this means unequalled user facilities when renting a holiday accommodation, like extensive and detailed information about the accommodation and the possibility to book and pay directly online. For the owner/entrepreneur it means the enhancement to the highest thinkable level and through only an internet connection of the entire back office (intake, planning, billing, etc.) against minimum costs. All this without implementation costs and with minimum training of your own staff. Besides that every entrepreneur can operate on the scale he or she wishes, which was unthinkable until now.

Hoe werkt I-Rent?

I-Rent is a web-based online database-driven system, which enables tenants to search accommodations on features that fit their accommodation profile and to book and pay for them online without the intervention of others. The availability of the accommodations is displayed excluding the risk of double bookings. The lessor (owner, tour operator or rental company) has access to all data through a log in his own online work environment. Rental contracts, bills and other documents are automatically generated in PDF. Every change, movement or transaction about an accommodation is confirmed automatically by email and posted back. The owner, tour operator or rental company has total freedom in their rental features like:

  • Rental per day, week, month, year.
  • Flexible, possibly obligatory, arrival - and departure day.
  • Flexible minimum stay per season per accommodation.
  • Calenders can be configured on “freely bookable” or “only on demand” or combined.
  • Accommodations can be offered for a different number of people for different prices while the calendar is adjusted automatically.
  • Groups of accommodation, like for instance resorts, can be offered as a Group. The calenders of the group are filled out automatically and most effectively.
  • Flexible automatic payment calender for payment of rent and extras
  • Control system for payments of rental revenues
  • Automatic reporting to tenants per email of payments to make and to receive.
  • Application to publish discounts in percentages per period per accommodation per website.
  • Flexible automatic payment calender for payment of rent and extras
  • Control system for payments of rental revenues.
  • Automatic reporting to tenants per email of payments to make and to receive.
  • Application to publish discounts in percentages per period per accommodation per website.
  • Application to publish discounts in time like for instance 14 days booked = 11 days paid, per period per accommodation per website.
  • Flexible application to publish extra’s like cleaning costs, extra beds, taxes, etc.
  • Automatic commission-handling for agents.
  • Features enabling to work with different currencies automatically processed in the system.
  • Publication is possible in 10 languages, of which 5 are standard operational: English, Dutch, German, French and Spanish. Plus 5 optional languages by choice.
  • I-Rent has an optional translation service for accommodation descriptions. The translations are processed by our consultant generally within 48 hours and automatically added to the system.
  • Seasons and prices are totally flexible and adaptable per accommodation, per group, per owners or per company.
  • Automatic customer satisfaction module. Clients may value or appraise their accommodation or stay through questionnaires. The average results is automatically displayed online.
  • Online generation of rental contracts in PDF in 5 languages.
  • Automatic route descriptions from the key address to the accommodation with Google Maps.
  • Automatic rental calculation for tenant and owner.
  • Data lists generated through excel.
  • Payment control and online payment options through credit card.
  • Online active calender enabling direct reservations.
  • Multiple active accommodation calender.

Where does I-Rent differ from software packages?

  • No software needs to be installed; I-Rent works online from every computer with an internet connection. Every accommodation supplier has its own working environment and can create log in accounts for its users (coworkers, agents, owners) and determine the accessibility of information for the user concerned. This enables the supplier to configure a hierarchy of who may see or do what.
  • Accommodations can be published with a single click on one’s own websites, as well as on the I-Rent portals. This means that a major enhancement of the accommodations exposure is only one click away.
  • There are external portals that have a connection to I-Rent through xml where accommodations can be published with a single click.
  • Accommodations can be published with a single click on other websites of fellow companies. The exchange of accommodations with others through enables maximum exposure opportunities. Rental companies as well as owners cooperate as booking agencies and hence make more reservations.

The idea behind this system is to organize and automatize the information of a holiday accommodation and her occupation and financial handling through an online database to the extent that everything is accessible and manageable for the owner through cleaning, agent, key keeper, travel organization, travel agency to the tenant, for all concerned.

What are the benefits of I-Rent?

Minimum data input through automation of daily booking activities saving labor time. Total data transparence 24/7 from any spot in the world through internet. Automatic system updates from I-Rent. Flexibility in design of your websites and procedures. Continuous reporting through email of data and data changes. The huge exposure opportunities through internet. Real time online reservation and payment. The flexibility the booking system offers to the letter enable him to give a bigger and quicker service to the tenant. Extensive information about the accommodation and its environment, being able to book the accommodations and extra services (cot, cleaning service, airport transfer, etc.), the possibility to take an online option, all this 24/7 with the need of feedback of other parties

Products / Services of I-Rent

The following products and services are offered by I-Rent:

  • Use of I-Rent online database by companies and owners for their rental administration.
  • Publication on portal of rental accommodations of private owners and rental companies.
  • Publication of rental accommodations of and through tour operators.
  • Adapting and building websites for companies and owners using the I-Rent system.
  • Publication of rental accommodations through companies’ partner websites.
  • Publication of rental accommodations through XML on external portals.
  • Translation of accommodation descriptions through online translation service.
  • Bannering on I-Rent portals.
  • Creating info pages about for instance restaurants and companies close to the accommodation.
  • Facilitating online travel- and cancellation Insurance for rental companies through the I-Rent booking system


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